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Updated: May 16 18
 Created: Sep 14 17

The following are some of the workshops that we deliver at our Barry’s Bay and Eganville Centres.  Workshops can also be provided at your choice of location.  The length of each workshop varies from an hour or two to a full day.

  • Personality Dimensions (Canadian version of True Colours): The value of Personality Dimensions (PD) is in its simplicity and reliability.  As a practical, non-threatening, entertaining communications tool, PD focuses on respect, worthiness, and self-esteem for our personal and professional success.  PD opens doors to better understanding and appreciation of ourselves and others.  Each individual determines what colour he or she is.  PD is one way to clarify the difference between “wanna be” and “hafta be”, in order to reach “who I am” and “what I want to become”.
  • MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Inventory):  Understanding your type!  Does one job seem more appealing than another?  Why?  Does a certain work environment draw/repel you?  Why?  Do some work situations pose difficulties for you?  Why?  Take this opportunity to look at your preferences and make a career choice that best suits you.  Reflective and experiential session.
  • Personal Management/Conflict Resolution: Life is a series of challenges for all of us, which can cause stress. Identifying conflicts and how to implement effective resolution strategies to manage our responses, using the T.A.L.K formula.
  • Self-Esteem?:  Understand what Self Esteem is; what builds it, what challenges it, and what we need in place to maintain it.  Interactive, empowering activities to explore what esteems us.
  • The Keirsey Temperament:  Even though we are fundamentally different from each other we can do well to appreciate our differences and ‘give up’ trying to change others into copies of ourselves.  This session promises to shed light on our own personalities and open a better understanding of those on our teams. Get set for a lively and fascinating discussion of personal styles.
  • Worksearch and YOU:  Make sure you have covered all the bases.  Do you have a resume that says what YOU are selling?  Have you researched and know where you are going and what you are going to do when you get there?  Let’s do an inventory and see if your Worksearch kit is ready!
  • The Internet – for Worksearch, Social Media & Networking:  How to use the internet for a successful Worksearch.  The do’s and dont’s of Social Media.  An invaluable tool…when used appropriately. 
  • First Impressions & Interview Skills:  Understanding the impact of The First Impression.  Learn how to present yourself with confidence; improve your clarity & present yourself assertively! Highly interactive session; practical tools you can use right away. 
  • Interview Techniques:  The steps required for the winning interview.  Practice and strengthen techniques that will develop your confidence for the ‘real thing’, the job interview!
  • Financial Literacy:  Understand your income vs expenses.  How do you set financial goals?  What are realistic goals?  Interactive workshop with valuable resources to take home and practice with.
  • Goal Setting:  Setting reasonable, short and long term goals; understanding the value of setting attainable goals to build confidence and reach successful outcomes.
  • Time Management:  What are our personal values and goals?  Explore ways of managing time more effectively through a process of developing specific time management skills.
  • Assertive Communication:  Learning to practice assertiveness using the W.I.N. script.  Focusing on three important elements to include in a responsible confrontation in order to reach productive outcomes.
  • Workplace Health & Safety Awareness:  in 4 Steps Certification; an Online workshop with assistance.
  • WHMIS Certification Training: Online workshop with assistance.